Publishing to JSR using release-please

With a little work, you can use release-please and GitHub Actions to publish to JSR.

There is no JSR-specific release strategy for release-please, so you’ll need to use the "node" strategy and include a package.json file in your root. Then, you’ll need to tell release-please to update your jsr.json file version (in addition to the package.json file) when a new release is created. To do so, update your release-please-config.json file to use extra-files, like this:

  "packages": {
    ".": {
      "release-type": "node",
      "extra-files": [
          "type": "json",
          "path": "jsr.json",
          "jsonpath": "$.version"

The "path" should be to the location of your jsr.json file. The "jsonpath" specifies the location of the field with a version number to update.

Then, you can publish to JSR using a GitHub action. Assuming you want to publish to both npm and JSR, it’s easiest to use the jsr npm module, like this:

      - main
name: release-please

  contents: write
  pull-requests: write
  id-token: write

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: GoogleCloudPlatform/release-please-action@v4
        id: release
          token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
      - uses: actions/checkout@v4
        if: ${{ steps.release.outputs.release_created }}

      - uses: actions/setup-node@v4
          node-version: lts/*
          registry-url: ''
        if: ${{ steps.release.outputs.release_created }}

      - run: npm ci
        if: ${{ steps.release.outputs.release_created }}

      - name: Publish to npm
        run: npm publish
          NODE_AUTH_TOKEN: ${{secrets.NPM_TOKEN}}
        if: ${{ steps.release.outputs.release_created }}

      - name: Publish to JSR
        run: |
          npm run build --if-present
          npx jsr publish
        if: ${{ steps.release.outputs.release_created }}

Keep in mind that jsr publish does not run any scripts beforehand, so if you want to run something like npm run build, you’ll need to explicitly specify it as part of your run command.

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