Posts in 2012

CSS media queries in JavaScript, Part 1

Proposal: Scripting detection using CSS media queries

CSS Lint v0.9.2 now available

Now available: Professional JavaScript, 3rd Edition

Book review: The Tangled Web

CSS media queries in JavaScript, Part 2

Book review: The Art of Readable Code

Understanding technical debt

In defense of localStorage

It's time to start using JavaScript strict mode

How to install Apache Ant on Windows

The performance of localStorage revisited

Book review: The Linux Command Line

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 1: The Basics

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 2: FileReader

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 3: Progress events and errors

Now available: Maintainable JavaScript

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 4: Object URLs

Working with files in JavaScript, Part 5: Blobs

The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy)

Web developers are software engineers, too

What's a software engineer, anyway?

Book review: Adaptive Web Design

iOS has a :hover problem

It's time to stop blaming Internet Explorer

Thoughts on ECMAScript 6 and new syntax

A critical review of ECMAScript 6 quasi-literals

Setting up Apache as a SSL front end for Play

Setting up SSL on an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer

The innovations of Internet Explorer

CSS Lint v0.9.9 now available

Replacing Apache with nginx on Elastic Beanstalk

Computer science in JavaScript: Insertion sort

ECMAScript 6 collections, Part 1: Sets

Computer science in JavaScript: Merge sort

Thoughts on TypeScript

ECMAScript 6 collections, Part 2: Maps

Does JavaScript need classes?

Book review: Think Like a Programmer

The “thank you” that changed my life

ECMAScript 6 collections, Part 3: WeakMaps

JavaScript APIs you've never heard of (and some you have)

The Front End Summit new speaker program

Computer science in JavaScript: Quicksort

Adventures in pointerless computing

Are your mixins ECMAScript 5 compatible?

Now available: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript (beta)

Being right doesn't matter