Please note before contacting me:

  • I am not available for speaking engagements as I'm currently battling Lyme disease
  • I do not have guest posts on this blog
  • I'm not interested in search engine optimization
  • I do not want to put your ads on my site

Questions about my books

Please send a message to my book support mailing list.

Questions about ESLint

Please send a message to the ESLint mailing list.

Questions about web development or debugging in general

I'm sorry, I can't help you with your general web development or debugging problems. Instead, I'd encourage you to post your question on StackOverflow.


If you're a recruiter, please have your director of engineering (or higher) contact me directly. I only speak directly with engineer leaders when considering a job, and please make sure you understand my experience. I only consider positions that are part of the engineering leadership team.


As stated previously, I'm currently unable to accept speaking engagements as I'm currently battling Lyme disease. Please don't ask to schedule, I cannot make any commitments at this time.

Everything else

Send an email to contact (at) humanwhocodes (dot) com. I read every email I receive, but I may not respond based on how I'm feeling and the reason for you contacting me.