The NCZOnline Newsletter is delivered every other Tuesday and is intended for web application engineers who want to grow their career. My goal with this newsletter is to make it feel like I’m mentoring each subscriber (sharing stories and links are both what I do with those I’m mentoring in real life). As such, you’ll be able to reply to each newsletter to send a message to me, and I guarantee I will read every single email. I expect the newsletter to evolve based on subscriber feedback so that it’s really a conversation rather than a monologue. I hope you’ll join me.

Here’s what you get in each edition:

  1. A short form essay on the same topics you see on my blog: JavaScript, web development, software engineering, technical leadership, architecture, teamwork, and generally any topic that will help you become a better software engineer. This content will be unique and not part of my blog.
  2. Links to three things (videos, articles, podcasts) that I think everyone needs to see. These won’t all necessarily be recent, but they will all be guaranteed to be worth your time.
  3. A recommended book. Once again, this won’t necessarily be only technical books, but rather, books that can make you a better, more well-rounded software engineer and person.
  4. Discounts! I periodically receive discount codes for various things (books, conferences, etc.), and I’ll be sharing those with you as I receive them.

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This newsletter is made possible by the kindness of sponsors. There are three options available:

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  2. Secondary Sponsor ($45/edition) - same format as the primary sponsor and appears just before the recommended book.
  3. Jumbo Sponsor ($100/edition) - a 100x100 logo, link, and several lines of text (similar to how the recommended book section looks).

(Prices change based on my costs, these costs are current as of May 23, 2016.)

If you’re interested in sponsoring an edition, please contact me for the latest availability.

Past Editions

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