Free excerpt from Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition

Just wanted to post a quick note that Eric Miraglia has posted a sample excerpt from Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition over at the YUIBlog. The excerpt comes from a chapter called Advanced Techniques, in which I explain, well, advanced JavaScript techniques including function currying, advanced timers, and more techniques that every professional front end engineer should know. Some of Eric’s kind words:

Personally, I’ve found this to be a particularly useful book for engineers coming into frontend engineering or professionalizing their practice. We’ve used the first edition for three years in internal classes taught at Yahoo, and the second edition is even better than the first.

Eric also wrote a great foreword for the book. Thanks to Eric for posting the excerpt and to my editor, Jim Minatel, for okaying and providing the excerpt.

P.S. There’s also a Facebook page for the book. If you like it, sign up to be a fan!

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