Front Page and YUI 3 causes a stir

It’s really funny sometimes what gets coverage in tech news. Apparently, my blog post about how we co-developed the new Yahoo! Front Page and YUI 3 is really interesting to a number of people. I woke up this morning to find coverage of my humble offering plastered all over the Web:

In addition, today it’s on the front page of Techmeme and was at the top on Reddit and Delicious Popular.

Honestly, I had no idea that this would be of interest to so many people. I’ve been planning this post for a while, in concert with Eric Miraglia, for a time that we thought was appropriate. The goal was really to explain how YUI 3 is built for the future but various people have taken it in other directions. Oh well. All of the feedback thusfar has been overwhelmingly positive to my post, so thanks to everyone for the kind words.

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