The YUI Test world tour

When I wrote YUI Test, my hope was to generate interest in unit testing for JavaScript. I became a fan of unit testing several years ago and have constantly been seeking ways to inject more of it into my development. I had hoped to publicize the framework this year and really get the word out. I didn’t get the opportunity in the first half of 2008 due to a frantic work schedule, but starting in the fall, I embarked on what I’ve lovingly called the YUI Test world tour. The schedule, dating back to the first talk, looks like this:

  • The Rich Web Experience West (September) – sadly, this event was canceled so the debut had to be postponed.
  • The Ajax Experience (September-October) – the first public presentation of my talk, Test Driven Development with YUI Test (slides).
  • Yahoo! Front End Summit (October) – our annual, in-house front end development conference, where I presented a more Yahoo!-focused version of my talk (video).
  • LinkedIn (November) – coming up this week, I’ll be heading up the highway to talk about YUI Test with the good folks at LinkedIn.
  • NASA Research (December) – originally postponed from this month, I’m going to share the test driven development love with the web gurus at NASA.

I’m hoping to keep this whirlwind tour going and continue to spread the word of test driven development. If you’d like me to stop by your workplace, conference, or school, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

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