YUI 2.6.0 released

In all of the craziness of the past week around the Ajax Experience, YUI 2.6.0 was officially released. As usual, there’s a mix of new controls and major bug fixes (around 450 or so). What makes this an exciting release for me is that two of my components, Cookie and Profiler, have been promoted out of beta and into general availability. That’s always a big step at YUI, and is based on user feedback, bugs reported and fixed, and general stability of the code.

The Cookie utility reaches GA with the addition of the mythical removeSub() method. For those unaware, the Cookie utility shipped with support for subcookies but was missing the removeSub() method. This was a timing issue on my part as I just didn’t get the code checked in on time (hey, happens to the best of us) even though the documentation specifically mentioned the method (oops!). I got a lot of great feedback and discovered that parsing cookies isn’t nearly as simple as I initially thought. I literally rewrote the cookie parser three times to account for various edge cases people sent in. It was a fun, if not crazy, experience. But now the Cookie utility is ready for primetime.

The Profiler didn’t require any additional changes as it’s really very simple. It’s been used and tested a bunch without any major issues. At this point, there may be some code tweaks as part of regular refactoring work, but there likely won’t be any big changes coming in the future. Stick a fork in the Profiler, it’s done.

I’ll next be turning my attention to the YUI 3.0 version of these utilities. The Cookie utility is already present in preview release 1, so I need to get Profiler and YUI Test ready as well. No rest for the weary.

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