I arrived at the hotel last night for the Ajax Experience (I term this “day 0″ because the conference officially started today. The Renaissance Hotel is really nice and somehow I ended up with a room that has two beds…party in my room! The room had a nice TV, about 42″ with HD, so watching ESPN was a lot of fun.

Since football was on, I headed down to the bar to watch amongst other fans. I ran into fellow Yahoos Chris Heilmann and Nicole Sullivan while there, which was nice because I hadn’t seen a familiar face since I arrived. I also chatted with a few conference-goers…sadly both Giants fans…at the bar while watching the game. Aside from the gratuitous Crockford-love being showered over me, it was a nice way to end up the first night in town.

My first talk isn’t until Tuesday, so Monday is looking like a day to relax, sleep in, and see how many interesting people I can run into.

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