It’s been an incredibly busy year with work and writing, so I’ve purposely kept speaking engagements to a minimum. I will, however, be speaking at two events coming up:

  • The Rich Web Experience – West: September 8-10. I’m going to have four sessions at RWE (details at the site), so I’ll be running around like crazy. It was a great time last year and I can’t wait for this year.
  • The Ajax Experience: September 29-October 1. I have two sessions, one entitled Enterprise JavaScript Error Handling and another about Test Driven Development with YUI Test. This will be my first time at the conference…combine that with a trip back to Boston and it makes for a fun end of September.

I really enjoy going to conferences like these, so please, stop me and introduce yourself if you see me walking around. Hope to see you all at either or both events.

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