Mentioned in Microsoft whitepaper

I was over my buddy Adam‘s place for a fourth of July barbecue yesterday when he mentioned having read a Microsoft whitepaper on cross-domain security. This had come up after we had started talking about Internet Explorer 8 and if there’s anything new and cool in it. He then mentioned offhand that they quoted me in the whitepaper. Sure enough, I got home and looked up the whitepaper to find that he was right. The quote was from my post on cross-domain XHR a little while back:

I was never a huge fan of overloading the XHR object to do this because it seems like there are just too many differences and security issues you’d have to lock down. IE’s approach, making a completely different object, makes a lot of sense to me and quite logically locks down functionality that otherwise would be part of an if statement in the XHR code.

I always find this sort of thing cool. As an author, my name tends to float around a lot, but I always like seeing specific places where people mention me. It helps me explain to my parents why I live So Far Away to do my work. Plus, mom always loves seeing these.

For the record, I still much prefer Microsoft’s XDomainRequest object to cross-domain XMLHttpRequest.

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