I’m about halfway through writing the second edition of Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, which was my very first book. I had a lot of people sign up to review pre-release chapters of the book as I’ve been writing it. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, I’ve been left with a very small number of people who are continuing to contribute (and I do want to thank you guys who are still sticking with it, you’re doing a great job).

What this means is that I’m looking for around 5 people who already know JavaScript to review pre-release versions of the chapters for this new book. It’s really imperative that the reviewers already understand JavaScript because I need feedback on how I’m representing complex topics and best practices.

I’m really excited about this book, I think it’s already 300% better than the first edition. The topics being covered are quite advanced, including in-depth looks at closures, prototypes, and memory management as well as covering all three DOM levels, HTML 5, and JavaScript 2.0.

If you’re interested in being a reviewer, please contact me and let me know why you think you would be a good reviewer. Even though I can’t offer to pay anyone for being a reviewer, I can promise a free copy of the book when it comes out as well as a “thank you” in the book. Happy reading!

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