My Yahoo! over iGoogle

Laptop Magazine just did a review pitting all of Yahoo!‘s products and all of Google’s products against each other. Of particular interest was their choice of the new My Yahoo! over iGoogle for best personalized homepage. From the article:

We don’t know what steroids the new My Yahoo is on, but the new starter page is exactly what you might envision your own personal newspaper looking like. The sleek interface allows users to keep the page looking fresh by clicking a “customize this page” button. A menu drops down from the top of the window and allows you to change everything from the background color to the layout of the columns. The same menu lets you add any RSS feed to the page with easy drag-and-drop modules. You can also add RSS feeds that mimic the actual site you’re getting the feeds from, complete with images.

I know everyone on the My Yahoo! team, myself included, has been busting their butts for over a year to get this new version up and running. I’m glad to see some of our hard work being appreciated.

My Yahoo! wasn’t the only Yahoo! product that won against Google in this review. Yahoo! also took the lead in instant messaging, photos, and music/games. Here’s to hoping that this perspective starts being shared by others.

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