Professional JavaScript, 2nd Edition feedback wanted

It’s that time again. I’ve started work on the second edition of Professional JavaScript and I’d like to get some feedback from my fellow developers as I go along. Here’s the way it works: I’ve setup a Yahoo! group at which I’ll be posting copies of the new chapters. Members of this group agree to:

  1. Read at least one chapter.
  2. Provide feedback on each chapter within two weeks.
  3. Not share the content with anyone outside of the group (it is copyrighted, afterall)!

Anyone who provides quality feedback for at least one chapter will be mentioned by name in the book’s Acknowledgments; anyone providing quality feedback for at least five chapters will get a free copy of the book when it is released.

If you’re interested, hop on over to the group and request membership. Tell me a little about why you’ll be a great reviewer. I’m really looking forward to writing this book and hope that there’s enough people interested in giving quality feedback that this little experiment can continue in the future.


  1. Mike Shaffer

    I'm so on it....starting tomorrow! Be glad to help out mate.

  2. Andrew Herron

    The fact that Wrox is letting you do this makes them an awesome publisher in my eyes, well, that and they only have the world's greatest Javascripter ever on board! ;)

  3. Craig Sharkie

    Not much fits in 200 characters. Hopefully enough though!

  4. Nicholas C. Zakas

    Now now, Andrew, flattery will get you everywhere. :)

  5. David S.

    You aren't kidding. The 200 character limit stepped all over my well written request. :) So Nicholas, if you want any more info feel free to shoot me an email.

  6. Yannick

    A book for free just to teach you Javascript ? I'm signing in right now ;-)

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