First review for Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition

Stephen Chapman, the JavaScript guide, has posted a great review of Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition. From his review:

A book for the programmer with a good knowledge of Javascript, XML, and at least one server side language wanting to combine these skills to produce client/server web applications. Provided that you have a sufficient understanding of programming to follow the examples, this book will introduce you to the real future of client/server interaction on the web as well as providing you with some of the tools that will make implementing this type of interaction much easier. A must have book for anyone wanting to use Ajax.

Hopefully, this is the first of many good reviews. Speaking of which, if you’re someone with a high-traffic, tech-related web site (or someone who contributes to one such as Slashdot), drop me a line if you’d like to review the book. Reviews on Amazon are also appreciated.

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