Announcing Professional Ajax, Second Edition

It’s with great excitement that I’d like to announce the upcoming release of Professional Ajax, Second Edition next month. Due to the tight deadlines we had for the first edition, I simply didn’t have the time to put as much into the book as I had originally planned. I always had it in the back of mind to expand the book in the future, and so we’ve done just that.

One of the main goals of this book was to make it a book that everyone who bought the first edition would want to buy. We didn’t just fix errors and change some wording here or there (you remember this from college, I’m sure). This second edition features:

  • Every example updated and verified with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 as well as Opera 9 and Safari.
  • Every non-language-specific example available to download in PHP, JSP, and ASP.NET versions.
  • Better discussion of cross-browser Ajax issues and limitations.
  • Inclusion of alternate Ajax approaches such as using images, cookies, and dynamically creating script nodes.
  • A new chapter on managing the stream of requests from your application by building a prioritized request manager.
  • A new chapter covering the Ajax capabilities of YUI, jQuery, Prototype.
  • A new chapter on Comet and its support across various browsers.
  • A new chapter on Ajax mapping APIs, covering Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps.
  • A new chapter on ASP.NET Ajax Extensions (Atlas).
  • A new chapter on Ajax debugging tools and approaches.

As you can see, there’s a lot of new material in this book, plus every chapter has been reviewed and updated with a specific focus on increasing the security of the solutions. I’m very, very excited about this book and think that everyone is really going to be blown away by some of the topics, especially the chapter on Comet. I hope that even if you already own the first edition, you’ll take a look at this second edition because it really has so much more information (10 chapters in the first edition versus 16 in the second). Happy reading!


  1. hedger wang

    I'm expecting!

  2. Mike Shaffer

    Sounds fantastic! You know my opinion of the first one...and this one sounds even better. Available when?

  3. Jeremy

    It looks to be a March release.

  4. Mike Shaffer

    I've got a little more time to comment now that I'm at work where I can "relax".....

    In your discussion about Comet, what library are you guys going to talk about? (assuming you're going that way..) I'm just now digging into it and I'm curious. Are you guys doing YUI have something up your sleeve?

  5. Nicholas C. Zakas

    Mike - the book should be shipping in early March. As for the discussion of Comet, I focus mostly on the barebones implementations rather than using any libraries. Personally, I feel that that chapter is worth the price of admission alone. :)

  6. Mike Shaffer

    And that's exactly why I'm going to buy it as soon as it comes out....anything that receives the NCZ stamp of's a must read!

  7. david_kw

    Does this mean the zxml library will be updated for Opera shortly? :)

  8. Nicholas C. Zakas

    David - actually yes. With Jeremy's help, we updated zXml to work with Opera 9 and higher. I've just been lazy about getting it posted in the downloads section. I'll get right on that.

  9. Bruno Konik

    What about the support of Opera for zxml? Is it available?

    thanks for you help.

  10. Bruno Konik

    For information, I have tried removing the "&& !window.opera" in the zxml.js and it seems to work. At least I tested with Opera 9.21. Do you think there may be any problem?

    thanks again.

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