I love my job

Just thought I’d reassure everyone that I still love my job at Yahoo!. Why am I saying this? Because it seems like everytime I turn around, someone is asking if I regret choosing Yahoo! over Google. Yes, the Yahoo! stock has taken a beating lately and Google successfully bought YouTube, but does that make working at Yahoo! any less exciting? No way.

I love my job at Yahoo!, love the people I work with, love the company. Is it perfect? Of course not, no job ever is. But I’ve never thought I made the wrong choice. And would I recommend Yahoo! to others? Of course I would. There’s so much cool stuff going on, I constantly feel lucky to be surrounded by such smart, talented people. I feel like I’ve learned so much in the short time I’ve been here. I have no doubt that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. Yodelling.


  1. Sebastian Werner

    Sounds quite interesting. Seems to be a nice place to work. Following other reports it is cool that the smart and talented people work for both, Google and Yahoo. They seem to share them. ;)

  2. anonymous

    yea, choosing google may have been the easy way out. The new yahoo mail beta rocks!

  3. Jeremy

    It can't be all that great. I'm not there! ;)

  4. Bradley Baumann

    Right on.

  5. Kevin Lamping

    Good to hear you are enjoying your new job. Hopefully it isn't getting in the way of the new book you've been telling us about though.

  6. Jim Minatel

    Nicholas: It's great to see that you get your job satisfaction from some other source than the value of the company stock and/or your options. Too bad that it sounds like so many people around you would assume otherwise.

  7. Dustin Diaz

    Here here. Agreed. It's a good place to be.

  8. Nicholas C. Zakas

    Kevin - don't worry, I'm still feverishly pounding away that new book. Yes, probably rapidly approaching burnout, but that's what the holidays are for: to relax and recharge!

  9. Adam Platti

    Glad to see that you talk the same way in person that you do on your blog. Keep it up man.

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