IE7 Beta 3

Looks like Internet Explorer 7′s latest beta is now available. Reading through the release notes I discovered this little gem:

Multiple Auto Refresh Applications May Hang IE7 — If you leave open a number of applications that refresh themselves, the system may hang and require a hard reset. This issue is caused by a known problem with memory leaks in IE7 which may cause other applications, such as Microsoft Phishing Filter, to hang. To work around the problem, do not leave Auto Refreshing applications open for long periods of time.

Translation: don’t leave open your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail open in IE 7 Beta 3 or else your system goes kaboom. I always love the “this doesn’t work, the workaround is to not do it” approach of documenting issues. It’s not a workaround, people, it’s saying you don’t know what to do about it.

Other interesting pieces of information in the release notes:

  • Scriptlets (bookmarklets) are now disabled by default.
  • CDF is dead, there is no more support.
  • XBM support has been removed, meaning you can no longer creative images via JavaScript.
  • The view-source protocol no longer works.
  • You can no longer change the statusbar text using window.status or window.defaultStatus (goodbye silly scrolling messages.

Not sure anyone cares about these things, but they are certainly good limitations to know about ahead of time.

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