CSS Is Complicated

Being a CSS expert wherever I’ve worked, I always thought that it was pretty easy. This week, I’m supposed to be giving a presentation on CSS, so I’ve been working on putting together the Powerpoint slides this weekend. As I’ve been doing this I realized, CSS is really complicated!

I currently have 40 slides and I know there’s a bunch of stuff I’m missing. But how can you decide what the most important parts of CSS are when you have only an hour to tell people everything they’ve ever wanted to know about it?


  1. Kevin

    I suspect teaching people about the box model will be hard enough. The width of a box isn't actually what you set in the width but a combination of margin's, padding, and borders?? Yeah, that one got me for a while. Then trying to tie that into IE's rendering of the box model will make it even more interesting.

    Good luck!

  2. Gavin

    Here's a thought: instead of using PowerPoint to present CSS concepts, why not use a XHTML + CSS slide show - along the lines of Eric Meyer's S5, or Dave Raggett's HTML Slidy @W3C? Although not a trivial use of CSS, it demonstrates its power and flexibility by turning a single page of XHTML into a dynamic slide show presentation.

  3. Nicholas C. Zakas

    Gavin, that's a great idea. I wonder if I have enough time to translate it all!

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