Want to Work With Me?

So I just got word that my current employer, VistaPrint, is looking to hire some really smart client-side guys that know a lot about JavaScript. Now, I know there are a lot of really smart client-side guys that visit this site on a regular basis, so I figured instead of trying to contact people one-by-one I’d make a posting and let anyone interested contact me.

We are located in Lexington, Massachusetts, so if you live in Mass or are willing to relocate, we want you! This is a fast-moving company with lots of opportunities and a lot of very smart people. For this job, you need to have a top-shelf understanding of all things JavaScript, because you’ll have to get by me and another JavaScript guy in the interview process. Also, a good grasp of database and object-oriented programming concepts is a must.

So if you know a lot about JavaScript and web technologies, and you’d be interested in working with a bunch of really smart people in a fast growing company (check out our stock ticker, VPRT), drop me a line and we can discuss from there.


  1. Mike Shaffer

    Bummer...if I could only convince my wife to move back east...we used to live in Maine and dug it. I tossed this invite to a couple of guys I know that are tops in Javascript (but are not regular readers), but they&#039re "stuck" here in Denver too. Besides, we&#039re all Broncos fans and it was too hard for me when I lived in Pats Land.

  2. Alexei

    Is thorough knowledge within the limits of "Professional JavaScript" and another great upcoming book sufficient ;)? And I think I have some grasp of database and object-oriented programming concepts.

  3. Jamolkhon

    i do not leave in Massachusetts, not even in the United States
    i live in Uzbekistan
    if you haven't heard about this country, it is
    located in the central asia
    so i want to ask whether any internship opportunities available
    i would like to work on small projects remotely if possible
    it is a bit early for me to have a full time job (i'm a second year student)
    and i don't need a paid job i just want to gain some experience
    i'm quite good at JavaScript and i'm familiar with database and oop concepts
    maybe i'm too late to post this
    but it would be very nice to have this opportunity

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