Updated: zDragDrop 1.1

I’ve received a couple of e-mails in the past week from people trying to use zDragDrop with a strict doctype. Apparently, I forgot to add the “px” on a couple of style measurements and that was causing the library to fail when using a strict doctype. So, I just quickly updated zDragDrop to include this fix (thanks to Pawan and Alan for pointing it out). This updated version is available in the Downloads section.


  1. dan

    try dragging and moving rapidly a few times. like, dragging down quickly then releasing the mouse very fast for a few times. eventually the div will be 'locked' on drag mode, meaning u won't be able to stop the dragging.. EVER !
    This is a very annoying bug, and this is why I can't use it on my web site.

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