IE7 Makes Developers Happy

The IEBlog latest post spells out some interesting additions being made to Internet Explorer 7 that developers will be happy about:

  • Native XMLHttp – IE7 will have a native XMLHttp object, meaning that you don’t need to create an ActiveX object at all. This is especially useful when the user’s security settings forbid creation of ActiveX objects.
  • Windowless control to be windowless, meaning that layers with a higher z-index will go over the control instead of behind it.
  • Developer’s Toolbar – wonder where they got this idea? In IE7, they are now promising a developer’s toolbar given developers all kind of information and control over the displayed page. It’s about time IE developers had something like this.

Of course, we’ll all have to wait until beta 2 comes out before we can see any of this. Suddenly, I can’t wait.

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