The Power of Themes

When people first started asking me if Firefox would have a chance to unseat IE as the dominant browser, my answer was quite simply, yes. But how would they do that? Certainly they couldn’t get computer makers to install Firefox before shipping, could they? My answer to that was also yes.

What I saw in Firefox was apparently not what anyone else saw: a blank slate. Computer makers (and software makers) love branding IE as “provided by XYZ Company” or changing its logo (I’m looking at you America Online). With Firefox, every aspect of the browser can be themed, so you could have the “HP Browser”, or the “Gateway Browser” that would be Firefox with a fully-branded theme. It seems that someone has finally gotten that idea.

Apparently, HBO is going to be releasing a “Rome” theme for Firefox to help promote its new series of the same name. You’ll be able to download it tomorrow. I’m so glad that someone has taken advantage of this of marketing/branding purposes. It’s the wave of the future and the best way for Firefox to gain and hold on to market share.

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