Favorable Review

Just got a note from George, who runs JavaScriptKit saying that the review of my book is now up. Overall, I’m pretty happy with his evaluation of the book, which he gave an 8 out of 10. Here’s an excerpt:

With the intended reader most likely being familiar with JavaScript already, this book doesn’t waste any time on pleasantries and hit-and-miss jokes. It is very technical oriented, to the point, and a continuous onslaught of information. And there’s a lot of information in this book, perhaps providing the most up to date coverage of JavaScript yet.

George does go on to say my examples are “uninspired” and “rigid,” but I’ll accept that criticism. It’s very hard to come up with great examples for any one section when there’s so much writing to do in a short amount of time. I’m hoping that if the book does well enough, I’ll be able to update the examples with more meaningful ones.

But like I said, overall I’m happy with the review and I thank George for his honest opinion.

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