Cajun Is Coming

When I first wrote about Cajun last month, a bunch of us were wondering how the canvas element could be mimicked in Internet Explorer. Turns out someone beat us to the punch.

Novell XForms Explorer is a plugin for Internet Explorer to allow pages to render, and use, XForms properly. Apparently, the latest version also supports a basic version of the canvas element. An example is posted on the site that shows off the power of Cajun (you must have XForms Explorer installed to see it).


  1. Erik Arvidsson

    The XForms samples crashes but the xforms:canvas (what&#039s up with that?!) sample works and it actually looks better in IE than in Firefox.

    I hope they consider decoupling it from the XForms crap and make it automatic to install (like Flash). I see that they didn&#039t implement toDataURL yet. Still it looks promising but I&#039m not sure that it will get a big enough installation base to be of any use.

  2. Nicholas C. Zakas

    I&#039m always a bit skeptical about IE addons in general, so your point is well taken. What will ultimately make this take off is native support, such as those in Firefox and Safari. However, one would wonder if the IE developers wouldn&#039t take a look at XForms Explorer for some hints. Though really, how difficult could it be to create an area of a Web page that just makes GDI calls?

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