Examples Not Working

The latest comment left on Amazon regarding Professional JavaScript points out a problem that I was unaware of: some of the downloadable examples don’t work. In Brett Merkey’s words:

I can understand errors creeping into print, but errors in example files can be corrected at any time by the author and publishers. That they have not bothered is regrettable.

He’s absolutely right, and quite frankly, I’m really annoyed that any of the examples don’t work. I hate getting books where the code doesn’t work and I tried my best to make sure that this didn’t turn into one of those books. Unfortunately, no one had alerted me that the examples weren’t working to this point.

To Brett, and other readers, I’m going to sit down this weekend and go through each and every example from the download site. I’ve already spoken with my editor and once I’ve made the corrections, they will be posted for download on the Wrox site.

As always, I appreciate people like Brett who give a fair and honest review of my book and code. It’s only through this type of feedback that I’ll be able to become a better writer and create better books in the future.

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