Java or JavaScript?

So I took a trip to my local Barnes & Noble last night to pick up a few things and I decided to see if I could find my book. I went to the JavaScript section and saw all the old favorites: The JavaScript Bible, The Definitive Guide…damn, mine’s not there. A quick look around located it…in the Java section. Maybe it’s just me, but “JavaScript” is a longer word than “Java,” and given that there are so many other books on JavaScript, wouldn’t that make it an easy guide as to where it should go?

And mind you, it’s not like the Java section was right next to the JavaScript section. It was actually on an entirely different bookcase, so it’s unlikely some customer picked it up to look and mistakenly put it down elsewhere. So, I naturally took it and placed it in its rightful spot among the other JavaScript books (facing out, at eye level of course…hehehe).

Understanding JavaScript Promises E-book Cover

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