Anonymous Coward Returns

Oh how the drama keeps unfolding! The person who posted the one-star review to me over at had his first review removed (I’m not sure why). In any event, “Anonymous Coward” has posted another review, this one longer, about how horrible the book is. I find it very funny that someone would hate my book so much as to post not one but two negative reviews at Amazon suggesting readers buy someone else’s book.

It’s also funny how he (I’m assuming it’s a he) says I’ve done such a horrible job writing the code and the book. Apparently, he never bothered to see that each and every code example in the book is available for download and is working properly. Yes, the technical editing leaves something to be desired, but that wasn’t my job. My job was to write it.

I’m also fairly amused at how he “uncovered” that zInherit is actually written by me. Good job, that was certainly a tough thing to figure out. I’m sorry I didn’t mention in the book that I wrote it, but I honestly didn’t think it was that important. Yeah, you certainly wouldn’t want to trust the JavaScript of someone who wrote a book and has written JavaScript components currently in use by major corporations like GE, Phillips, and Siemens. Good thing he sniffed me out as a fraud.

I really need to stop reading these Amazon reviews, as it has become clear that some people have serious ulterior motives with them. Hey, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is a fine book, I won’t knock it. Undoubtedly, it has fewer mistakes, but I’d expect that considering it’s in its fourth edition. I’m sure all the kinks would be worked out of mine by a fourth edition as well (hopefully sooner).

So, Anonymous Coward, I hope you’re enjoying your public beratement of my book. It has definitely hurt my sales…okay, maybe not. Enough people still seem to find it useful and helpful despite its technical problems. To those people I promise more quality work from me in the future.


  1. M. Schopman

    I tracked down his phonenumber, work address and send itching powder, and a photo of him picking his nose while making funny faces.

    Why even bother about such people. If they haven&#039t got the guts to place their name, why would someone even care. I know, they get on your nerves, but those people just exist (looks at boss).

  2. Guilherme Blanco

    Don&#039t listen reviews like this, Nicholas...

    I can tell you the person who did it feel envy of you. =)

    Just think yourself... is a single # mistake a so weird error that a book can go from 5 to 1 star?


  3. jess

    It&#039s probably tough personal-wise, but just ignore the person. It&#039s one person, and getting written about on your blog probably drives them more. Instead of writing about them, just write them off, and get back to writing great books and tips. ;)

  4. Nicholas C. Zakas

    Yeah, you&#039re all right. I&#039m such a softy sometimes. Screw this, let&#039s talk about cool stuff.

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