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I try not to get too bummed out by the reviews of my book over at Amazon, but man, getting slapped with one or two stars is a bummer. It’s hard not to take it personally, because this represented so much hard work and research.

I find it interesting that some people just don’t “get it.” By “it” I mean the point of the book. The point is not to hold the hands of non-programmers to teach them JavaScript. It was never meant to be a primer, as Karma Chameleon expresses disappointment in. The book was intended to be a guide for professional development, for the use of software engineers and programmers. I’m so glad that some people, such as John Matlock, actually do get it. In truth, Mr. Matlock’s opinion matters more to me since he’s a top 100 reviewer on Amazon. His review, in my opinion, sums it up well:

The key to knowing about this book is the word “Professional” in the title. There are other books aimed at the complete beginner that will start off with a much simpler “Here’s How” approach to get you started. This book instead starts off with the history, the basic ECMAScript standards and a discussion on the Object nature of JavaScript. It’s written by a working programmer to fill the real world needs of other working programmers. It does this job very well.

To have someone think so highly of the book in the manner in which it was intended is a great feeling.

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