Firefox 1.1 To Support SVG

Another of the stories I apparently missed was the announcement that Firefox 1.1 will support SVG by default. This is great news! I’m a huge believer in SVG and the possibility of serving up application/xhtml+svg+xml pages is very exciting (to me, at least). In my humble opinion, it’s this type of mixed content that is the future of the Web.


  1. Erik Arvidsson

    Is that really a valid mime type? I would stick with application/xml here because I believe adding xhtml+svg+whatever+xml will get out of hand pretty fast.

  2. Nicholas C. Zakas

    You&#039re probably right. I had seen some discussions floating around Mozilla&#039s site regarding the content type of files containing XHTML, SVG, MathML, and other such languages where someone mentioned application/xhtml+mathml+svg+xml, but that appears to have been dropped. Everything I can find now indicates the inclusion of another language by specifying a second value in the doctype and serving the file up as application/xhtml+xml.

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