Sites Release Updates

Today seems to be the day for companies to update their sites, even if it’s only for some of the visitors. The big one, of course, is Yahoo! News, which rolled out its JavaScript-enhanced page today. The new design features a headline mouseover that gives you a brief summary (and sometimes a picture) of the story. It’s subtle, and the site is still very usable even without JavaScript support.

The other one is, which is apparently doing a split run of a new design with the old design. I managed to see the new design, but my friend was unable to. This new design features a bluish bar at the top with a tab that says “” and one that says “See All 31 Product Categories”. When you mouse over the latter, a popup list of categories zooms out of the tab. When you click on a product category, the tab is added in between the two original tabs. As with Yahoo! News, this site’s JavaScript is only an enhancement, as you can still click on the second tab to see a regular list of product categories. Still, it has a certain “wow” factor to it.

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