IE Blog Asks For Feedback

I don’t often stop by the IEBlog to read the latest posts, mostly because there’s been nothing interesting to read until recently. The latest post asked for feedback on what standards and features the proposed Internet Explorer version 7 should support. As usual at the IEBlog, the comments ranged from useful to useless (part of the reason I don’t visit that often).

In any event, it seems pretty clear what Web developers would like to see in the next version of IE. The most often cited is full CSS2 support, full support of HTML 4.01, and full support of XHTML 1.0 or 1.1. Others also suggested supporting the DOM event model, which I would personally love.

Unfortunately, I just can’t bring myself to read all of the comments on IEBlog, there’s too much flaming and arguing back and forth about how Microsoft is ignoring the developers and they’re evil and egomaniacal. Just goes to prove that Web browsers have ignited what amounts to a religious war among developers, and this war unfolds daily on IEBlog. Such a shame, Microsoft finally reaches out to the development community and we thank them by pointing fingers.

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