Site Redesign

After planning and planning, I have finally redesigned the site to be fully XHTML and CSS compliant.

I’ve also finally embraced PHP as the technology to run my Web site on. I’m finally back to using includes and allowing you to send e-mails to me through the site.

You’ll notice that there are several sections missing, including Projects, FAQ, and Portfolio. I will be reintroducing Projects once I have time to update the entries. FAQ may or may not return. Portfolio will be moved to my professional site once it is completed. Lastly, I’ll be introducing a new section called Journal where I’ll be posting extensive journal entries about some of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in my life.

When I get more time, I’ll be adding an RSS feed and a way for visitors to add comments to my blog. Can’t wait, this PHP stuff is great!

Finally, I’ve added a contact form so everyone can e-mail me again. Many of you probably noticed that the e-mail address linked on my name doesn’t work anymore. You can thank over 200 pieces of spam a day for that. So, you can now e-mail me through this form and I don’t have to worry about spammers getting my e-mail address. Please feel free to use this to contact me.

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