December 13, 2016
From, with love.

Farewell for Now

Hi everyone,

You might have noticed that there's been a large gap between this edition and the previous edition of the newsletter. As many of you know, I've been battling Lyme disease for a while and I've been going through a particularly difficult period recently. While I wish I could continue to write this newsletter, it's become increasingly apparent that it's just not possible for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, that means this will be the last (abbreviated) newsletter you'll receive from me.

When I started this newsletter over a year ago, it was partly to do something that would keep my mind occupied as I was going through treatment. I hoped to keep up-to-date with all the latest goings-on in the web world and share some of my experiences about working as a developer for the past 16 years. At that point in time, I figured I'd be back on my feet in a few months.

However, as my symptoms got worse and I had to leave my job in February, it became more of a struggle to get the newsletter out every couple of weeks. I enjoyed it, and was proud of both the content and the feedback I received. I hope you enjoyed reading it, as well.

For now, I think the best use of my energy is to focus on getting better without the responsibility of managing a newsletter every other week. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get back to writing regularly on my blogs sometime soon. In the meantime, here are the various places you can look for new content when I'm healthy enough to do so:
  1. NCZOnline - my technical blog
  2. Lyme Disease Warrior - my health-related blog
And of course, you can follow me on Twitter for my frequent micro-updates. (You'll also receive emails whenever I updated my technical blog as a member of this mailing list.)

If I can leave you with just one last thought: we spend a lot of time in the virtual world, building applications and constantly connected to the Internet. Never forget, though, that the reason we do all of this is to help people. It's the people that we touch, not the code that we write, that will ultimately make us feel fulfilled. Take it from me, your health can disappear in an instant, and at that point the only thing you'll have is the people who love you. Make them a priority.

I hope you have a happy, productive, and healthy 2017.


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