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A Klingon Programming Language (?)

The strange things you can find on the Internet. Just received this link from a buddy. At this humble GeoCities site, someone has started the specifications for a programming language called Var’aq, which the author describes as, “designed mostly just to be used for programming things like command displays and high-level control systems”. The page... […]

Mozilla Firefox Preview Release

I just downloaded the preview release of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 because I was really interested in seeing the RSS support, and I was very disappointed. I was expecting a Feed Demon-like experience but got something that was quite confusing. Whenever you get to a site that supports an RSS feed (by using the appropriate <link... […]

NY Attorney General Rules ADA Applies to Private Web Sites

Section 508 of the ADA was updated within the past couple of years, expanding it to include electronic media such as the World Wide Web. Since that time, the US government has stated that it will only do business with those who abide by these new standards. Up until this point, there had been no... […]

Site Redesign

After planning and planning, I have finally redesigned the site to be fully XHTML and CSS compliant. I’ve also finally embraced PHP as the technology to run my Web site on. I’m finally back to using includes and allowing you to send e-mails to me through the site. You’ll notice that there are several sections... […]


I have a new favorite development environment: Eclipse. It really is a unique approach to creating Java applications. What I like the most is the SWT, which is an alternative to Swing. It runs so much faster than Swing, mostly because of the unique way that it handles rendering the UI components. It could use... […]