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Referenced in a Book!

I decided to punch my name into A9 today to figure out more about how it works. I don’t know what caused me to search through the Books, but I did, and low and behold I found my name referenced in a book! The book is called Web Application Design Handbook : Best Practices for... […]


Since I’ve started tinkering with PHP, I’ve been using a plain text editor to code up my pages. As I’ve mentioned before, I use Eclipse for Java development, so I was psyched to see that there actually is a PHP plugin called PHPeclipse. This thing looks like it’s the real deal. It includes code insight... […]

XML Spy 2005

Just downloaded the new version of XML Spy, XML Spy 2005. I’ve been a big fan of XML Spy over the years and have used it since version 3.0. While I’m appalled by the drastic increase in price (used to be around $200 for the Professional version), they’ve really made some great developments in this... […]

Firefox 1.0 – Finally!

Today is the much anticipated release of Firefox 1.0. Of course, if you can actually download it, since the Mozilla site isn’t handling the spike in traffic all that well. I tried for a couple of hours before finally getting the installer to download. As expected, there’s not a lot of big changes from the... […]

zEvents 1.0

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any JavaScript libraries what with the book and all. But here it is, the first of several new JavaScript libraries: zEvents 1.0. zEvents is a JavaScript library of classes that can enable events and event handling in your own custom classes. Download version 1.0 in the Downloads... […]

Helpful Hint for Headless Unix Servers

While investigating Java charting solutions for use in JSP applications, I was introduced to the fearsome “headless server problem.” For the uninitiated, this is the problem where the Java AWT expects a GUI to be installed on the server so it can use the display driver to generate graphics. When you try to run something... […]

Tabbed Browsing – Security Risk

One of the newest and most popular additions to Web browers has been the onset of tabbed browsing, allowing multiple Web sites to be open in one browser window. It turns out that all browsers with this feature overlooked some key security concerns. In this article at News.com, security company Secunia released this security advisory... […]

CMS Test Drive

You know how annoying it is when you’re trying to decide between all of the open source CMS systems? You need to go and install it, configure it, and then try it out to see if it suits your needs. What a hassle! This is the main reason I decided to write my own that... […]


Every once in a while I come across a JavaScript creation, utility, or tool and I wonder, “how did I not know this existed?” I mean, I’ve worked with JavaScript on a daily basis for four years and still I find stuff online that I’ve never seen before. Today’s discovery: JSLint. As the author, Douglas... […]

A Klingon Programming Language (?)

The strange things you can find on the Internet. Just received this link from a buddy. At this humble GeoCities site, someone has started the specifications for a programming language called Var’aq, which the author describes as, “designed mostly just to be used for programming things like command displays and high-level control systems”. The page... […]