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Ticketmaster.com: The World’s Worst Web App

Every time I use Ticketmaster’s site to order tickets, I find myself saying the same thing: damn this sucks. Everything about it is horrible. I know the show I want to get tickets for, why is it such an ordeal? Your order begins with doing a search for the tickets you want, specifying what section... […]

SharpDevelop and Free Book

One my frequent delusions is that I somehow come up with a wonderful IDE for JavaScript. To that end, I often go hunting for open source IDEs to take a look at the code and see how they’re built. On pretty impressive one I came across is SharpDevelop, an IDE written for C# and VB.NET... […]


A while back I decided to check out del.icio.us for JavaScript-related content. I found a couple of categories, most notably del.icio.us/tag/javascript, which is constantly updated with new articles relating to JavaScript. The problem is that it’s constantly updated, with over 20 new entries per day. What’s worse is that articles are duplicated in the list... […]

Prevent Comment Spam

After a lot of hype, Google announced yesterday on its blog how it plans to eliminate comment spam links from being indexed. The simple answer is to have blog owners (and those who write blogging tools) set rel="nofollow" on all links submitted by users. Seems easy enough to do, and there’s a whole slew of... […]

Open a New Browser Tab With JavaScript

I just came across this entry over at Larry Williams’ Blog explaining how to open a link in a new tab. Pretty interesting, and kudos to Larry for figuring this out. It just seems to me that there should be a way to do with without JavaScript. Wouldn’t that be more usable? I mean, there... […]

Kind Words

As many of you know, I’ve had some reviewers signed up to take a look at Professional JavaScript before it came out. I was blown away by when I saw this posted on Jeremy’s site, who has been reviewing a pre-release version of the book: I started up the reading of Nicholas Zakas’ book Professional... […]

Pre-Order Professional JavaScript for Web Developers

I was just talking to my mom, who had just talked to my aunt, who apparently went into Borders and asked someone to look up my book. Apparently, she saw the cover of the book, which led to me wonder if it would be up online. Sure enough, it’s available for pre-order at Amazon.com now!... […]

Create Favicons

Saw this little blurb posted in the comments over at ForgetFoo, so I thought I’d post it here…mostly for safe keeping. So here it is, a tool that can create a favicon for your Web site: png2ico. This little tool takes a 16×16 PNG image and a 32×32 PNG image and creates a .ico file... […]

JavaScript Compilers

My last blog got me thinking…I thought I had seen a JavaScript compiler available from Mozilla, and it turns out I was correct. Mozilla does have a JavaScript Compiler as part of the Rhino JavaScript interpreter. The Rhino compiler creates Java source files from JavaScript files, which then can be used by any Java program.... […]

Thunderbird + Sunbird = ?

As an avid user of Thunderbird, my only serious complaint is it’s lack of a calendaring solution, which forces me to still use Outlook for my appointments and such. Now it appears that Mozilla is getting ready to roll in features from Sunbird, the Mozilla calendaring application, with the hopes of being able to battle... […]