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IE 7 Is Coming

No, I’m not talking about the JavaScript library called IE7, but rather Internet Explorer, version 7, is on its way. An announcement was made today indicating that not only will the next version of Internet Explorer not wait for Longhorn, but a test version should arrive this summer. Of course, no one knows what this... […]

Google Maps Explained

As I stated earlier, it wouldn’t be long before someone explained how Google Maps worked. And here it is: Mapping Google. In this posting, Joel Webber does a great job dissecting Google Maps and explaining all of its inner workings. Once again, Google uses a mishmash of technologies to make this work, and it’s very... […]

More On IE Memory Leaks

I’ve been doing a little more homework on the memory problems in IE. I found a nice summation of the problem at Jibbering. It appears that the problem is through the use of closures that form circular references, meaning that one object is assigned a function that references that same object. This is especially problematic... […]

IE Memory Problems

Came across some interesting information today regarding Internet Explorer’s problems with circular references and memory cleanup. The problems with IE‘s JavaScript memory handling have been talked about frequently, but this article explains a very interesting phenomenon. I really can’t add anything to the discussion than to see this is a must-read. […]

Google Maps

Well, Google has done it again. The search engine giant has just released a beta version of a new service, Google Maps. This is a new spin on the traditional “show me how to get there” online mapping sites in that the entire map is interactive. You can drag the image left and right to... […]

Super Bowl Friday

It’s the Friday before the Super Bowl, and you know what that means: everyone and their grandmother is making their picks. So, I figure it’s my time to throw my hat in. Yes, everyone knows that I’m picking the Patriots because I’m from Boston. But my official pick is Patriots over Eagles, 35-10. Whoa, that’s... […]

JavaScript Game Programming

One of the things I don’t cover in my book is programming games in JavaScript. That should come as no surprise, since there really isn’t anything “professional” or practical about it. However, I do find it amazing what creative people have done with JavaScript to make games. There’s an article over at DevX explaining some... […]

Gzip Compression In PHP

As I was surfing through the blogosphere today, I came across an article about using gzip to compress CSS files on PHP servers. It got me to thinking: why not just compress everything? I have implemented the compression scheme on the main page here to test it. Initially, it appears to be a success, cutting... […]

How To Build A Mozilla App

For a while now, I’ve been trying to get more into the whole “Mozilla as a platform” way of life. The problem is that there are no really good all-around references for building an application from start to finish and distributing it as a standalone executable. Yes, there are various pieces of good information scattered... […]

Finally, Mozilla vs. Firefox Explained

It seems that I have this argument almost on a daily basis with people: is there a difference between Mozilla and Firefox? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. However, most people look at me with glazed eyes when I try to explain that you can think of Mozilla as an application platform and... […]