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First Copy of Book

Today I received the first copy of my book. Unfortunately, it’s not actually mine; it’s a copy for a reviewer that I’ll be signing and sending out. Is it weird that the reviewers get a copy of the book before me? Ah well, it’s still pretty cool, if not creepy, to see my face on... […]

The Acid2 Test

Way back when, there was an Acid test for testing CSS box model implementations in browsers. This simple test was used by browser developers to ensure proper alignment with appropriate standards. Now, the Web Standards Project has introduced the second generation, the Acid2 Test, to further help browser makers tackle proper CSS, PNG, and HTML... […]

Autosuggest Some More!

The second part of my three-part series on how to create an autosuggest textbox (to emulate Google Suggest) is now up on WebReference. I got a lot of positive feedback on the first part, and I hope everyone enjoys this one just as much. […]

Latest Site

I have just completed (for the time being) the design for my friend Amanda’s Web site. She’s a terrific photographer who has opened up her own studio called Kokoro Photography. If you’re in the Denver, Colorado area (or are willing to fly her out to wherever you are), you won’t be disappointed. […]

Firefox JavaScript Flaw

It appears that the folks over at Secunia have found a JavaScript flaw in Firefox. The flaw allows a script to read an arbitrary amount of information contained in the browser memory. This data could be anything from URLs to JavaScript commands. Secunia has posted a test that demonstrates the flaw. The test uses a... […]

Last Day at MatrixOne

I don’t often blog about work, but in this case, I’m making an exception. Today is my last day at MatrixOne as I have accepted a position at VistaPrint. It’s going to be a tough transition since I’ve worked with some of the people at MatrixOne for about five years, and I’m going to a... […]

Firefox Link Prefetching

I came across this article explaining how Google has started using link prefetching in an effort to speed up the search site. When using Firefox (or any other Mozilla browser), Google now prefetches the first result in the list. As they explain it, this means if you click on the first result that the page... […]

Internet Explorer innerHTML Quirk

I admit it: when I hit a wall programming I type a few words into Google and click on the first few results. Very rarely have I ever looked at the Microsoft Knowledge Base. But every once in a while someone will forward me an article from there and I’m just left thinking, “damn.” Case... […]

PayPal SDK

Perhaps I’ve just been living in a cave for the past couple years, but I had no idea that PayPal had a software development kit for including online payments on your own site. There’s even a sandbox site that developers can use to build and test their PayPal solutions securely but with fake data (no... […]

Creating An Autosuggest Textbox

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the extra time to write some articles. Now that my book is finished, I intend to get back to writing these articles. To that end, the first one is now up over at WebReference. This is the first in a three-part series on how to emulate Google... […]