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Mozilla Stops Production Of Suite

I was quite surprised when I saw this article from PC Magazine. It appears that Mozilla will stop producing the Mozilla Suite, which has long been its bread-and-butter, and reassign developers to work on Firefox and Thunderbird. This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise with the popularity of Firefox and Thunderbird reaching an all-time high.... […]

IE Blog Asks For Feedback

I don’t often stop by the IEBlog to read the latest posts, mostly because there’s been nothing interesting to read until recently. The latest post asked for feedback on what standards and features the proposed Internet Explorer version 7 should support. As usual at the IEBlog, the comments ranged from useful to useless (part of... […]

GMail Reflections

Now that the hype is over, I finally was able to procure an invite to join GMail from my new buddy, Bradley. And I must say, they have a very interesting approach to Web-based e-mail. I won’t get into how it works, since numerous articles have been written about it. I will say that the... […]

Netscape 8.0 Beta

Just when you thought the world of Web browsers wasn’t complicated enough, Netscape is getting ready to enter the browser wars again by releasing a public beta of Netscape 8.0. This latest reincarnation of the Netscape browser is based on the Firefox codebase and offers a view using the Internet Explorer rendering engine. Does this... […]

Fighting Code Injection

Seems like I’ve been reading a lot about code injection vulnerabilities on Web sites. Of course, we all know about the Paris Hilton fiasco where a hacker was able to access her photos via the T-Mobile Web site. So for the sake of conversation, here’s what I do to prevent code injection: Double Validation –... […]

Finally, DevEdge Has A Home

After months of wondering, it was announced that the Mozilla Foundation has come to an agreement with America Online in regards to the old Netscape DevEdge documentation and Web site. Deb Richardson will now head up the new DevMo project, whose purpose is to build upon the excellent DevEdge resources to create a place for... […]

Tracking Trackback

One of the features I’ve always been interested in is Trackback, allowing others to say “hey, I’m talking about you over here!” Since I’m a do-it-yourself kinda guy and decided to build my own blogging system instead of using some of the more popular ones, I’ve been adding features little by little (as I’m sure... […]

I Quit My Job, I’m Gonna Blog Instead

I just read that Jason Kottke has quit his job as a Web designer to become a full time blogger. In his post, he explains his rationale: not having enough time to blog and do his full-time work, not having enough time to pursue his own interests, etc. He also has an interesting theory about... […]

Browser Injection Problem

One of the guys at work forwarded this link to me today. This vulnerability involves a new form of code injection. Basically, if I were to open up a window to an external site from my site, it’s possible for me to hijack one (or more) of the links on that site and make it... […]

Creating a Firefox Extension

One of my latest projects is investigating XUL and how to create extensions to Mozilla. I came across a pretty in-depth tutorial that’s worth a read to anyone who wants to learn about that wacky Mozilla component architecture. It focuses on creating a new toolbar for Firefox, which seems to be pretty popular lately. […]