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PayPal SDK

Perhaps I’ve just been living in a cave for the past couple years, but I had no idea that PayPal had a software development kit for including online payments on your own site. There’s even a sandbox site that developers can use to build and test their PayPal solutions securely but with fake data (no... […]

Creating An Autosuggest Textbox

It’s been a long time since I’ve had the extra time to write some articles. Now that my book is finished, I intend to get back to writing these articles. To that end, the first one is now up over at WebReference. This is the first in a three-part series on how to emulate Google... […]

Opera 8 To Support User JavaScript

Seems like it was only yesterday that I first read about GreaseMonkey for Firefox, which allows developers to write their own JavaScript to insert into specific Web sites that they visit. Now comes the news that Opera 8 will support user JavaScript, essentially the same thing. Though the post claims the idea isn’t directly related... […]

View DOM Source Bookmarklet

There aren’t many things I don’t like about Firefox, but there is one that constantly drives me nuts: that the View Source command actually goes back to the server to get the source of the page you’re currently viewing. Why doesn’t it just display the source from cache? I’m sure they figure it’s the same... […]

Google X Gone!

Went back to play with Google X after I posted about it yesterday only to find that it was gone. Google hasn’t released as statement as to the reason nor left a notice in its place. You simply get an error message now. What a shame. Fortunately for me, I actually had Google X loaded... […]

IE 7 Information Leaked

Although Microsoft is keeping quiet on what features version 7 of Internet Explorer will have when questioned by the public, it appears that key partners have been clued in on several features of the next generation browser. First, the partners say, there will be native tabbed browsing support. Not shocking, I say, since it’s one... […]

Google X Borrows From MacOS

Those folks over at Google Labs have just enveiled their latest experiment playfully called Google X. Google X features a MacOS-style dockbar with icons that magically grow larger as you mouse over them and then shrink when you mouse out. The icons in this case are the various services provided by Google, such as Web... […]

Mozilla Stops Production Of Suite

I was quite surprised when I saw this article from PC Magazine. It appears that Mozilla will stop producing the Mozilla Suite, which has long been its bread-and-butter, and reassign developers to work on Firefox and Thunderbird. This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise with the popularity of Firefox and Thunderbird reaching an all-time high.... […]

IE Blog Asks For Feedback

I don’t often stop by the IEBlog to read the latest posts, mostly because there’s been nothing interesting to read until recently. The latest post asked for feedback on what standards and features the proposed Internet Explorer version 7 should support. As usual at the IEBlog, the comments ranged from useful to useless (part of... […]

GMail Reflections

Now that the hype is over, I finally was able to procure an invite to join GMail from my new buddy, Bradley. And I must say, they have a very interesting approach to Web-based e-mail. I won’t get into how it works, since numerous articles have been written about it. I will say that the... […]