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Web Developer Tools

Part of the reason that I keep track of the JavaScript links on my site is because I want to keep those links handy for myself (and you thought I was being all altruistic). I’ve tried to keep myself from creating new lists of links for other technologies as well, lest I become a link... […]

PNG Alpha Support In IE7

There’s a posting over at IEBlog explaining (roughly) how PNG alpha support was added to IE7. This particular blog entry was written by Sam Fortiner, the one who implemented the functionality. So it’s official now, IE7 will have PNG alpha support! […]

From The Editor

I was doing a search tonight to see if anyone had reviewed my book yet when I came across the blog of Jim Minatel, who is my acquisitions editor over at Wiley (which owns Wrox). In any event, I came across two postings over there that I was sort of humbled by: Nicholas Zakas, my... […]

zColor 0.1

I’ve been messing around with some old JavaScript code I found recently. The basic idea was to create a way to convert colors from RGB to HSL and back again in order to create color effects like gradients using JavaScript. HSL is better suited to many color manipulations, but it’s not supported by CSS. So,... […]

Opera CEO To Swim The Atlantic

Every once in a while, you hear a story that makes you say, “that can’t be real.” This one falls into that category. Apparently, the CEO of Opera said if the newest version of their browser, version 8, was downloaded more than a million times in four days that he would swim across the Atlantic... […]

IE7 Beta Details Announced

A few details were announced about the upcoming Internet Explorer 7 Beta over at the IEBlog. It seems that the cries of the developers have been heard as the team announced PNG transparency support and improved CSS support. It seems that this next version of the browser won’t simply be another security patch, but an... […]

Mozilla Adding Canvas Support

I just read today that support for the HTML canvas element has been checked in to the Mozilla source tree. As far as I know, this makes Mozilla the first browser to implement any part of the Web Applications 1.0 specification (still in working draft form at the moment). For the uninitiated, the WHATWG is... […]

Ten Good Practices

I came across this article earlier today, explaining ten things you should do when writing JavaScript. It’s a fairly complete list for having only ten items, and I’m happy to say that I believe my book covers most of these. The others, I think, lend more towards Web site design and enhancement whereas my book... […]

Safari 1.3

After months of quiet, Dave Hyatt, developer of Apple’s Safari browser, has been on quite the blog-roll lately (get it?). His latest entry details enhancements to Safari 1.3, and I’m pretty excited to see both the contentEditable and designMode properties are now supported. Additionally, most of DOM 2 is now supported and exposed to the... […]

Great HTML Article

If you ask me, the quality of Web development articles online lately has been severely lacking (save for my recent contributions, of course ;-)). With A List Apart no longer updating, and WebReference and Sitepoint having only a small trickle of new content here and there, I’ve almost stopped looking for new Web development articles... […]