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A Stellar Review

I received an e-mail last night from a gentleman named John Strickler, who is a professional development trainer responsible for setting up training class on various topics. He had some of the most positive things to say about my book to date. Some excerpts (posted with permission) I had to teach a JavaScript class last... […]

Working With JSON

I’ve a big fan of JSON as an alternative to XML when doing client-server communication with JavaScript. For those unfamiliar with JSON, it’s essentially a way of representing data using JavaScript object and array literals (full description) first proposed by Douglas Crockford. Now, it’s starting to gain some popularity. The basic idea is that you... […]

Professional JavaScript Forum

Part of the fun of writing a book is getting to interact with readers about it. To this end, the good folks over at Wrox have set up a Professional JavaScript Forum to facilitate discussion surrounding the book. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions while reading the book, please post them at the... […]

First Negative Review On Amazon

Well it had to happen at some point, someone who adequately named himself/herself “Anonymous Coward” left a single-star review on Amazon about my book. My apparent discretion? I appear to have incorrectly stated that comments in JavaScript are the same as Java, C, and Perl. The commenter correctly points out that Perl comments begin with... […]

Looking For Some Good Reviewers

Well, the book has been released and the only thing left to do is…get it professionally reviewed. If you are a reviewer for a Web development Web site or magazine, please contact me! I’m looking for people to give an honest review, especially on “geek” sites. I can provide reviewers with complimentary copies of the... […]

Safari Passes Acid2 Test

In the race that really featured only one runner, Safari is the first browser to correctly render the Acid2 Test. The announcement was made nearly two days ago…apparently proving that my RSS reader isn’t working correctly. Safari developer Dave Hyatt really took to the task, providing almost daily updates over the past couple of weeks,... […]

Firefox 1.1 To Support SVG

Another of the stories I apparently missed was the announcement that Firefox 1.1 will support SVG by default. This is great news! I’m a huge believer in SVG and the possibility of serving up application/xhtml+svg+xml pages is very exciting (to me, at least). In my humble opinion, it’s this type of mixed content that is... […]

Sites Release Updates

Today seems to be the day for companies to update their sites, even if it’s only for some of the visitors. The big one, of course, is Yahoo! News, which rolled out its JavaScript-enhanced page today. The new design features a headline mouseover that gives you a brief summary (and sometimes a picture) of the... […]

IE7 User-Agent String Revealed

In an IEBlog posting, Eric Lawrence introduces the new Internet Explorer 7 user-agent string. Assuming that the browser is running on Longhorn, the string would be: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0b; Windows NT 6.0). Not a big surprise that Microsoft kept with the traditional user-agent string format for Internet Explorer instead of going to a more... […]

.Net Impressions

At my new job I’ve gotten to play around a lot with .Net technologies, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed. I started programming with Visual Basic 3.0 when I was in high school, so I was very interested to take a look at Visual Basic .Net. My initial impression is that it’s very cool.... […]