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Last Autosuggest Article

The last part of the three-part article series on creating an autosuggest textbox is now available over at WebReference. I apologize for the long delay as I had no control over when the article would get published; I only pass it in and the editors decide when it runs. But hey, it’s not like I’m... […]

Where’s the JavaScript?

Every once in a while people ask me, “if you’re so into JavaScript, why isn’t there any on your site?” The truth is, my point in making this site was first and foremost to make it accessible and completely XHTML compliant. Simplicity, I thought, was what I would spend my time on. After seeing the... […]

Announcing The First Co-author

On my long search for some co-authors on the upcoming AJAX book, I have decided on one so far. That one is Jeremy McPeak, the author of XParser and FooReader.Net. What made Jeremy an attractive author candidate was really quite simple. First, he had several articles written at AlphaFilter that he pointed me to as... […]

Netscape 8 Messes Up IE

One of the more interesting features of Netscape 8 was it’s ability to embed Internet Explorer in it, so that trusted sites could use IE‘s rendering engine. I tried Netscape 8 the other day at work and noticed some issues when I went back and tried to use IE again, namely with XML files. Finally,... […]

Popups Are Evil

Listen to me closely: avoid popups whenever possible. When the push came for Web sites to start looking and acting more like desktop applications, developers naturally started the popup parade. You’ve seen it, you know it well. Then advertisers got their hands on it, and the popup wars really began. Thankfully, this led to the... […]

Anonymous Coward Returns

Oh how the drama keeps unfolding! The person who posted the one-star review to me over at Amazon.com had his first review removed (I’m not sure why). In any event, “Anonymous Coward” has posted another review, this one longer, about how horrible the book is. I find it very funny that someone would hate my... […]

New Book Change = AJAX

Well, now you’ve all done it. My editor, Jim, read the comments from my posting asking for book ideas. Now he wants me to write an entire book on AJAX! No rest for the weary. So what I’m trying to do is flesh out an outline for the book, which will probably be 300-400 pages.... […]

Movin’ On Up

I’m not sure what’s been going on, but in the past week my book has really taken off at Amazon.com, even making it up as high as #1,666 out of all books. What does that ranking mean? Not a clue, but I assume the lower the number, the better. This is also the fourth straight... […]

Netscape 8

Did anyone notice that Netscape 8 was released today? Anyone? Yeah, didn’t think so. If it wasn’t for a little blurb I picked up on a message board, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. My question to Netscape is: why? No one cares about you anymore, and version 8 of the browser doesn’t suck any... […]

IE7 To Have Tabs

I’m probably the last one to blog about the announcement that Internet Explorer 7 will support tabs natively. The reason is that I don’t think it’s that big of an announcement. To me, it’s like saying, “IE7 will have a minimize button” or “IE7 will have a statusbar.” In my mind, this is the dinkiest... […]