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Another good review

It seems now that the Professional JavaScript book has been out for a while, people are finally starting to get it. I always intended it to be a guide for programmers, not a guide for graphic designers who wanted to add interactivity to their Web sites. Another person who got it is the JavaScript Guide... […]

Ajax book coming along

Now into the second big weekend of writing the new Professional Ajax book, I’m getting pretty excited. I think this book is really going to blow every away. I, Jeremy, and Joe (Fawcett) have some really great stuff planned. I’ve been skipping around a bit (as I typically do), but I’m currently doing a re-work... […]

Favorable Review

Just got a note from George, who runs JavaScriptKit saying that the review of my book is now up. Overall, I’m pretty happy with his evaluation of the book, which he gave an 8 out of 10. Here’s an excerpt: With the intended reader most likely being familiar with JavaScript already, this book doesn’t waste... […]

Google for Firefox

Seems like Google has finally caught up with other extension builders for Firefox and has released beta versions of the Google Toolbar and two experimental extensions. The Google Toolbar is just as it is for Internet Explorer, though minus the popup blocker since it’s built into Firefox. The other two extensions are interesting. The first... […]


Those hackers over at Google are at it again. Seems that they’ve created both an XPath parser and XSLT engine written completely in JavaScript. The project is called Google AJAXSLT, which is sort of a weird name, but lends itself to the belief that it will be useful (and necessary) for Ajax applications. Apparently, this... […]

Developing with Google Maps

I signed up for a Google Maps Key to begin playing around with it. Much to my displeasure, you must provide a Web address to which the map is, well, mapped. Then, you are only allowed to use it for that address. That’s all fine and good in theory, but it makes it impossible to... […]

Google Maps API

After tons of unofficial hacks, Google has finally embraced the interest in Google Maps and released a public API! The announcement came yesterday, along with the immediate availability of the Google Maps API. Quite frankly, I can’t wait to dig into Google Maps and come up with some cool ways of using it. You must... […]

The Atlas Project

There’s been a lot of hype lately around Microsoft’s Atlas Project the past few days. For those unaware, this is Microsoft’s promise of delivering components for enabling Ajax solutions for Web developers. They promise it will be part of ASP.NET 2.0 with special server-side components and a client-side JavaScript library providing all kinds of functionality.... […]

Mozilla’s new Array methods

Just caught this post over at Erik’s regarding the new additions to the Array object available in Firefox 1.1. The Mozilla documentation explains the new methods which many developers have probably been coding themselves for many years. At risk of repeating Erik, the new methods are: indexOf() – bought freakin’ time. I’ve been coding this... […]

Cajun Is Coming

When I first wrote about Cajun last month, a bunch of us were wondering how the canvas element could be mimicked in Internet Explorer. Turns out someone beat us to the punch. Novell XForms Explorer is a plugin for Internet Explorer to allow pages to render, and use, XForms properly. Apparently, the latest version also... […]