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Reviews Wanted!

Well, it’s that time in the writing process again; the time where I ask all of you for input on what has been written so far. I’m looking for ten people with JavaScript expertise to review the unpublished, rough draft of the upcoming Professional Ajax book. You’ll be asked to provide feedback on the material,... […]

Microsoft was Right

Yeah, you read that correctly, Microsoft was right. About what? About Google. Long before Google released Google Desktop or the just-today-released Google Talk, Microsoft was worried. They saw Google as a threat to their operating system monopoly. And they were right. You can say what you want about Microsoft’s ability to create good software, but... […]

zArray Update

Thanks to an earlier comment, I’ve updated the every() method of the zArray library to match what it should do (return true for an empty array). I also added a couple of other methods I found while digging through my old files: append(), which is logically equivalent to push(), and sum(), which returns the sum... […]

Force Landscape Printing (IE only)

I was reading through some forums earlier today when someone posted a question asking how to force Internet Explorer to print something in landscape mode instead of portrait. I didn’t think it was possible, but apparently it is. Using some CSS, you can effectively mimic landscape printing in IE (bummer that it doesn’t work in... […]

Pre-Order Professional Ajax!

So I came across a site called The Strange Zen of JavaScript that mentioned several upcoming Ajax books. Low and behold, one of them was Professional Ajax, which is apparently already available for pre-order at Amazon.com! Ironically enough, it looks like some people have already pre-ordered it because it’s already listed in the overall books... […]

The Power of Themes

When people first started asking me if Firefox would have a chance to unseat IE as the dominant browser, my answer was quite simply, yes. But how would they do that? Certainly they couldn’t get computer makers to install Firefox before shipping, could they? My answer to that was also yes. What I saw in... […]

Latest Article

With all of the excitement around here about the new Array methods in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, I thought the world may find it interesting as well. So as usual, I wrote an article over at WebReference: Mozilla’s New Array Methods. I hope you enjoy it. […]

Does JavaScript suck?

It’s not often that I’m moved to post a long response to anyone’s blog, but I came across a post entitled JavaScript sucks (volume 1) that made me jump to action (my comment here). There seems to be more and more people bashing JavaScript nowadays; not really sure why. Afterall, what better time is there... […]

Top 5 Web design mistakes

Been a while since I blogged about design, but after visiting some sites that had me cringe, I feel that it’s time to speak my piece again. Why is it that good designers forget to follow basic rules? It’s completely beyond me. In any event, here’s the five Web design mistakes I see way too... […]

Styled Form Controls

I finally took a look at the new Surfin’ Safari blog and was pretty excited about what I was seeing. Since the decision to move Apple WebKit into the open source arena, it seems like there’s been an explosion of innovation in the development of Safari. The one that really caught my eye was styling... […]