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Someone Else Gets It, Too

After my last posting garnered such a small response, I was heartened to see this site pop up in a blog posting over at Foo’s place. If you stop over, this guy says essentially the exact same thing. In any event, at the site you can download template files to make your own feed icons... […]

Syndication Confusion

This site, and others, have an RSS feed; others have Atom feeds. What do they have in common? Not enough, in my opinion. Let’s take a trip around the web to see how site owners are syndicating information. Start at this site. I have replaced the old-school RSS icon with the new syndication icon adopted... […]

RIP Web Trends of the 90s

I was doing a little ruminating today about my first web site and how far the web really has come. As I was looking back, I began remembering all of the trends in web design from the 90s. These are the things we all included on our web sites by default, and now have gone... […]

The Website Development Process

I read about this over at ForgetFoo, but I didn’t want to lose the link, so I figured I’d just blog about it and share with all the other web developers about there: The Website Development Process. It’s a very accurate representation of what should go on during the development of a web site. Sadly,... […]

Comment Spam

Today, I had a vicious bout with a comment spammer on this site. Someone (or something) was sending comments to an old post periodically. Despite my having removed the comment form for that posting, apparently the person or persons responsible were able to work around that by using some sort of spambot that just POSTed... […]

Firefox 1.5 Released

So Firefox 1.5 was finally released today and is available for download over at Mozilla’s new home. Once again, Mozilla managed to outpace Microsoft in releasing a significant to update their Web browser. Of course, while very cool, developers are now left in a bit of a conundrum. Firefox 1.5 has more features and support... […]

Want to Work With Me?

So I just got word that my current employer, VistaPrint, is looking to hire some really smart client-side guys that know a lot about JavaScript. Now, I know there are a lot of really smart client-side guys that visit this site on a regular basis, so I figured instead of trying to contact people one-by-one... […]

Microsoft Doesn’t Innovate

With Google coming on strong, everyone keeps poking at Microsoft, saying that they are behind the times. I’ve heard many times that Microsoft missed the boat on capitalizing on Web technologies and let Google take the lead. Oh how Microsoft’s day are numbered! I say, not so fast. Microsoft is not an innovator, they never... […]

Updated: zDragDrop 1.1

I’ve received a couple of e-mails in the past week from people trying to use zDragDrop with a strict doctype. Apparently, I forgot to add the “px” on a couple of style measurements and that was causing the library to fail when using a strict doctype. So, I just quickly updated zDragDrop to include this... […]

Microsoft Invented Ajax

This morning, I was flipping through my trusty Boston Globe when I came across an article entitled Moving ahead with Windows. The article is basically about how Web technology has begun to catch up desktop applications and how Microsoft should start being afraid. The kicker was a sentence that sort of took me by surprise:... […]