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Praise for Microsoft

I know, it’s really out of fashion to give Microsoft anything but grief, but I really feel like I need to at this point. After being stodgy and slow-moving for so long, Microsoft has really ramped up on all playing fields. They are working on Internet Explorer 7 well ahead of what they had said... […]

Design Patterns in JavaScript

Over the past year or so I’ve been learning about design patterns and finding them incredibly useful. For languages that have interfaces, it’s especially useful. Even though JavaScript doesn’t have such a concept, you can still apply traditional design patterns to the language. As evidence, I’ve begun writing a series over at WebReference covering Design... […]

Eureka v0.2 – Now With Leak Detection!

Finally got around to fiddling with Eureka this past weekend. The end result is version 0.2, which introduces three new commands: /memory – displays the current memory utilization of the Internet Explorer process. /leaktest – reloads a page ten times and takes memory measurements to determine if there are any leaks on the page (I’d... […]

The Magic of Unit Testing

I’ve never done unit testing…ever. I’ve heard the phrase and wondered what the heck it was for some time now, so I decided to go and download NUnit, a unit testing framework for .NET. Now that I’ve started playing with it, I really like it. Basically, create a special project with some special classes that... […]

CSS + JavaScript = Evil

I’ve never been a big fan of using the Internet Explorer CSS expressions, under the belief that you can use regular JavaScript to do the same thing whenever you want. However, recently I fell victim to the belief expressions may be useful and decided to give it a try. Then proceeded to spend three days... […]

ActiveX Armageddon

A lot of people probably forgot, but a while back Microsoft lost a patent infringement suit to Eolas Technologies who had some patent governing the inclusion of multimedia assets in web pages. As a result of the suit, Microsoft has to change the way Internet Explorer handles multimedia content embedded in the page using <embed/>,... […]

Google Maps API – No XHTML Support

I’ve been playing around with the Google Maps API recently as I attempt to write an article on its usage. Right off the bat, I found a problem. All of the pages on my site are served up as proper XHTML, including the XML prolog and serving the pages up as application/xhtml+xml in Firefox. Apparently,... […]

Yahoo! Connection Manager

As you know, from time to time I write articles for various places on the web. This time, I have a new article up over at Wrox.com called Ajax and the Yahoo! Connection Manager. As you probably have guessed from the name, the article explains how to use the Yahoo! Connection Manager, which is one... […]

DOM Tree Update

About four years ago, I wrote an article for WebReference entitled, Creating a Cross-Browser (DOM) Expandable Tree. At the time, the DOM was still fairly new and Netscape Navigator 4.7 was still in use by many people, so I got a lot of questions such as, “how can I make this work in Netscape?” My... […]

Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 2

For those who enjoyed the first installment, the second part of the Alternate Ajax Techniques is now available. In this edition, I talk about using images and cookies to establish client-server communication on browsers that don’t support XMLHttp. Hope you enjoy it! […]