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ActiveX Armageddon

A lot of people probably forgot, but a while back Microsoft lost a patent infringement suit to Eolas Technologies who had some patent governing the inclusion of multimedia assets in web pages. As a result of the suit, Microsoft has to change the way Internet Explorer handles multimedia content embedded in the page using <embed/>,... […]

Google Maps API – No XHTML Support

I’ve been playing around with the Google Maps API recently as I attempt to write an article on its usage. Right off the bat, I found a problem. All of the pages on my site are served up as proper XHTML, including the XML prolog and serving the pages up as application/xhtml+xml in Firefox. Apparently,... […]

Yahoo! Connection Manager

As you know, from time to time I write articles for various places on the web. This time, I have a new article up over at Wrox.com called Ajax and the Yahoo! Connection Manager. As you probably have guessed from the name, the article explains how to use the Yahoo! Connection Manager, which is one... […]

DOM Tree Update

About four years ago, I wrote an article for WebReference entitled, Creating a Cross-Browser (DOM) Expandable Tree. At the time, the DOM was still fairly new and Netscape Navigator 4.7 was still in use by many people, so I got a lot of questions such as, “how can I make this work in Netscape?” My... […]

Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 2

For those who enjoyed the first installment, the second part of the Alternate Ajax Techniques is now available. In this edition, I talk about using images and cookies to establish client-server communication on browsers that don’t support XMLHttp. Hope you enjoy it! […]

What do you want to see in Pro JS, 2nd Edition?

Everytime I see something cool with JavaScript, it goes on my personal “things to investigate for Pro JS second edition” list. I tried to make the first edition cover everything I could think of, but clearly I couldn’t think of everything. My question to everyone out there is this: what do you want to see... […]

XMLHttp Requests For Ajax

Recently, Wrox asked me to write up some excerpts from Professional Ajax to post online. I thought this was a great idea, since it gives people an idea about the content covered in the book. As a result, the first excerpt, XMLHttp Requests for Ajax is now available for viewing. It’s a basic overview of... […]

Adobe Jumps On The Ajax Bandwagon

Seems like everyone and their uncle has some sort of Ajax library these days. And if you’re uncle is Adobe, then you definitely need to be paying closer attention. Without too much fanfare, Adobe released a couple of libraries to aid in the mixing of Flex with Ajax. You can download the library from Adobe... […]


After so many years of people hacking into the AOL instant messaging service, apparently they’ve had enough and want to help people do it. AOL has just released the AIM Software Development Kit so you can create your own instant messaging client using the service. But don’t get any Trillian-type ideas in your head; the... […]


Seems like every day there’s a cool new Firefox add-in to aid in development. The latest is Firebug. This cool utility lives in the browser’s statusbar, monitoring each page you visit for problems. It reports what you tell it to report: JavaScript exceptions, CSS errors, XML errors, and more! It even peeks in on XMLHttp... […]