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Google using YUI grids

Every once in a while, the YUI blog posts an article about someone who’s using the YUI Library in production. But they missed one. It seems that Google is using it on the customized homepage. I guess that’s a compliment? […]

Observers shouldn’t observe themselves

I love design patterns, they make life so much easier. Particularly, I love the observer pattern. If you use JavaScript, you’re already familiar with this pattern: events. Events are how we tie functionality to a page and create interactions for the user. You can even create your own observer objects using JavaScript libraries such as... […]

Surviving an interview with me

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but it’s only now that I’ve finally decided to do it. So you’ve applied for a job and you see that I’m on the list of people interviewing you. You’re already a little nervous because, let’s face it, interviews are uncomfortable no matter what. I’m not... […]

Pain with inline-block (again)

Once again I find myself banging my head against the wall thanks to Firefox’s lack of support for inline-block elements. At least Internet Explorer let’s you set the display of an element to inline-block if it’s an inline element by default (such as span, but won’t work on div). Opera and Safari both supports inline-block,... […]

What do you love/hate about Professional JavaScript?

Will all the excitement over the release of Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition, I didn’t want people to think that I was leaving my first book, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers behind. In fact, I’m now going through it to figure out what should and shouldn’t be in a second edition. To aid in this decision,... […]

.NET to be more like JavaScript

This was an interesting read I found today: New “Orcas” Language Feature: Extension Methods. The point of the post is to discuss a new upcoming feature for .NET languages in which developers can add their own methods to objects without touching the class definition. Essentially, at any point you can add a method to any... […]

The new My Yahoo! Beta has launched, and I helped

For the past nine months, people have been asking me what I’ve been doing at Yahoo! since I joined. They’ve asked me to talk about it, to blog about it, to let everyone know what was the draw that got me to go to Yahoo! over Google so long ago. It was the opportunity to... […]

Another Pro Ajax 2e excerpt

The marketing blitz for Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition has begun. As part of it, you benefit by being privy to free excerpts along the way. The latest excerpt, courtesy of Wiley, is on Ajax Debugging using Microsoft Fiddler. This is a section from the Ajax Debugging chapter of the book. I hope you enjoy it... […]

Free excerpt from Professional Ajax, Second Edition

The good folks at the YUI Blog have just posted an exclusive excerpt from Professional Ajax, Second Edition. Thanks to Eric Miraglia from the YUI team and my editor Jim Minatel for making this deal. It’s incredible to have the support of both of you, I can’t thank either one of you enough. […]

A note on JavaScript performance

There’s a lot of focus on the performance of JavaScript in modern web applications. Sites are routinely panned for being too slow, using too much JavaScript, and interacting sluggishly. There’s a lot of talk about this library being too big, that application using too much code, etc. Typically, the suggested solutions are: Crunch your code.... […]