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Yahoo!’s best-kept secret

I’ve said before that I really like working at Yahoo!, so with that bias stated, I want to tell everyone about a little-known Yahoo! property called FareChase. You know all those sites that offer airline tickets at discounted prices? You know how each only searches a small set of airlines, so you need to go... […]


I came across this in my usual readings today and thought I’d share. It looks like Microsoft is promoting (via numerous blog postings) ScriptDoc as a free way to generate XML documentation for JavaScript. It uses a style similar to the C# XML comments with one major difference: the comments actually go inside of the... […]

Professional Ajax at Borders

I’m not sure if there’s many people left who buy tech books in the old brick-and-mortar stores, but if you’re one of those people, swing by your nearest Borders bookstore to pick up your copy of Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition. There’s a special promotion going on through July 5th. What does that mean exactly? Not... […]

IE6 fix frees you of memory leaks

Just wanted to post a quick note that Microsoft released a patch for Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP that fixes many memory leaks caused by circular references (details). This is good news, but it only affects those using Windows XP. It’s still best practice to avoid circular references in general, however, this makes the... […]

Safari 3 on Windows

I was among the first wave of people who downloaded the Safari 3 Beta for Windows yesterday. My first impressions were deluded a bit by my poor-performing machine, but generally I’m pretty impressed. The rendering is pretty fast and its memory footprint is pretty small compared to the other browsers running on my machine. I... […]

Bad security decisions

In this day when security on the Internet is at the forefront of concerns, I’m constantly shocked to see what some web developers are putting out into the open. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to point out who is doing this, but I would like to point out a bad practice that should be... […]

Come see me talk

One of my personal goals when I moved to California was to get more involved with teaching and presenting. Yahoo! has been kind enough to give me the opportunity to speak internally, where I give a class on object-oriented JavaScript and, more recently, my talk on Maintainable JavaScript. They were even nice enough to send... […]

What is up with recruiters?

I understand that recruiters are necessary for companies to keep new employees coming in. I understand that good ones are very valuable and that bad ones can ruin you. I have friends who are recruiters and, clearly, they’re good people otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends. But there are some recruiters who really give the... […]

JavaScript variable names you shouldn’t use

One of the biggest maintainability problems in any language has to be the correct and consistent naming of variables, classes, and methods. In most languages, keywords can’t be used as identifiers, so there’s always a warning if you attempt to do something dumb. JavaScript has keywords and reserved words that can’t be used as identifiers,... […]

Maintainable JavaScript talk

Way back in March, Yahoo! held its internal Front End Engineering Summit at the Sunnyvale campus (my base of operations). At the Summit, I gave a presentation on what I like to call Maintainable JavaScript. The good news is that it was videotaped and is now available over at the YUI Blog. The idea behind... […]