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What is up with recruiters?

I understand that recruiters are necessary for companies to keep new employees coming in. I understand that good ones are very valuable and that bad ones can ruin you. I have friends who are recruiters and, clearly, they’re good people otherwise they wouldn’t be my friends. But there are some recruiters who really give the... […]

JavaScript variable names you shouldn’t use

One of the biggest maintainability problems in any language has to be the correct and consistent naming of variables, classes, and methods. In most languages, keywords can’t be used as identifiers, so there’s always a warning if you attempt to do something dumb. JavaScript has keywords and reserved words that can’t be used as identifiers,... […]

Maintainable JavaScript talk

Way back in March, Yahoo! held its internal Front End Engineering Summit at the Sunnyvale campus (my base of operations). At the Summit, I gave a presentation on what I like to call Maintainable JavaScript. The good news is that it was videotaped and is now available over at the YUI Blog. The idea behind... […]

The new My Yahoo! gets even better

Over the past couple months, my team and I have been slaving away, night and day (literally), making the new My Yahoo! even better. Yesterday, we pushed out another major upgrade featuring improved performance, a bunch of new modules, and an all-new inline personalization experience. The last one is perhaps the most exciting, meaning that... […]

First review for Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition

Stephen Chapman, the JavaScript guide, has posted a great review of Professional Ajax, 2nd Edition. From his review: A book for the programmer with a good knowledge of Javascript, XML, and at least one server side language wanting to combine these skills to produce client/server web applications. Provided that you have a sufficient understanding of... […]

An open letter to Opera

Dear Opera, I’ve heard a lot about you, and some people think you’re really cool, so I thought I’d give you a chance. You’re really nice and fast, have a small memory footprint, and have good support for standards. You even got rid of those annoying ads that plagued you for so long (kudos for... […]

Safari lies

You know, the Document Object Model gives us a wonderful method called hasFeature(), which gives browsers a chance to indicate what parts of the specification that they properly support. The idea being that developers could query this method to determine what parts of the DOM are available. This works great in theory, but it falls... […]

Taking a little time

I’m a software engineer, an author, a blogger, a tech junkie; I am many things to many people, some of whom I’ve met, many of whom I haven’t. But most of all, I’m human. I’m not just a JavaScript machine constantly trying to find better ways of doing things. I do feel pressure to do... […]

Google using YUI grids

Every once in a while, the YUI blog posts an article about someone who’s using the YUI Library in production. But they missed one. It seems that Google is using it on the customized homepage. I guess that’s a compliment? […]

Observers shouldn’t observe themselves

I love design patterns, they make life so much easier. Particularly, I love the observer pattern. If you use JavaScript, you’re already familiar with this pattern: events. Events are how we tie functionality to a page and create interactions for the user. You can even create your own observer objects using JavaScript libraries such as... […]