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YUI 2.4.0 has been released

As announced earlier today, YUI 2.4.0 has been released. I’ve contributed this time around in two areas. First, I did a major overhaul of YUI Test to allow for asynchronous tests. All tests now run asynchronously, which eliminates long-running script errors that may occur with large test suites. This asynchronous behavior also allows for tests... […]

The throttle() function

A little while ago, I blogged about downshifting your code over at the YUI Blog. In that entry, I described a pattern for throttling code such that it won’t be called as frequently. This technique proves to be invaluable when dealing with the resize event in Internet Explorer, which fires the event repeatedly as the... […]

Browsers too leniant with regular expressions

Just had an interesting issue pop up that I thought I’d share. We should all know by now that sometimes browsers are way too forgiving about the bad code we write. They insert HTML elements when tags aren’t closed properly and generally try to “help” developers as much as possible. This behavior also invades the... […]

Announcing the Yahoo! Juku

One of the most exciting things I’ve been working on at Yahoo! hasn’t been public knowledge until now. As announced on the YDN Blog, I’ve been taking part in the Yahoo! Juku program, which designed to train the next generation of great front end engineers (read more: The Harvard of JavaScript Training). To me, this... […]

JavaScript variable scoping trickery

I almost fell victim to this over the weekend, so thought I’d share a common JavaScript gotcha. What does the following line do? var start = stop = null; Most people will respond, “define a variable called start and a variable called stop and then set them both to null.” That is generally correct, but... […]

A plea to browser vendors

Attention Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, and Opera – I’m starting to get a little tired of you…all of you. Some may pick on one of you more than the others (you know who you are, Microsoft), but realistically, you’re all bothering me a lot lately. You all want us, the web developers, to support your browser... […]

The rise of Bebo Nation

My buddy Adam Platti has been working on a stealth project over at Bebo for a while now, and today his work has officially launched. Check out Bebo Nation. Mashable!, the only other company that includes an exclamation point as part of their name, has a nice writeup about it. The basic idea is to... […]

Gmail: Faster, better

It was a couple of days ago when I noticed something strange in my RSS reader: Dan Pupius had posted a blog entry. The entry was a simple sentence that pointed to his post on the Gmail blog about code changes that were being rolled out. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan way... […]

My first pipe: Earthquakes in Northern California

Pipes is such a cool tool, but until recently I couldn’t think of any reason to use it. Since we had a 5.6 earthquake yesterday and another smaller one today, I went online searching for earthquake information feeds. I found the USGS Shakemap for northern California, which has a feed listed on the page. Unfortunately,... […]

ECMAScript 4: I hate it

There’s been a lot of discussion about ECMAScript 4 lately. The overview whitepaper was recently released as well (which I equate to little more than a public relations ploy). Those who were in my birds-of-a-feather discussion at the Rich Web Experience know of my utter disdain for ECMAScript 4, and nothing I’ve read thusfar has... […]